PS4 Emus (emulator) – About

Since Sony released its latest PlayStation 4 console few years back, people with not that deep pockets started to search for working emulator trough the web. One that we’re going to review today is called PS4Emus.

PS4 Emulator After testing several different programs which promised they’re able to run PS4 games successfully on PC I decided this one is a G2G and I’ll explain deeply why if you keep reading below.

First of all what everyone notice first is a overall design of application and how it appeals user at first look. I have to admit that PS4 Emus has magnificent GUI design with interesting options added inside its upper bar. Graphics looks great from what I could examine at its screenshots page so I thought “Hey, lets investigate and test this one”.
However it’s not design what promises us to run games successfully isn’t it? The software must function properly like it claims it does.

PS4Emus has its own webpage where I downloaded this PS4 emulation software. It’s easily available to get for free of charge, like any tools of this type should be.

What I’ve first noticed about this application and what cheered me up well is that BIOS file was already added inside directory along within it. For those who don’t know what BIOS is, well it’s an mandatory addon with a source from official Sony Entertainment with special code included which tells emulator how to run PlayStation games properly. So let’s say it’s the brain of all this.
That’s a really positive thing of PS4Emus, because for all those other ones you need to waste your time searching for BIOS file separately around the internet and risking a chance of getting your machine infected with all kind of malware that can come binded with this type of files.

How to use this program?

First step would be installation. This goes as usual as installing any other software. Just accept terms, click next and installation process begins. Wait until it finishes and viola. Double click shortcut to run the app!
Then when window opens everything is ready to begin.

Now the next step will be adding a game to play. You can do this by two ways. First one is to download your desired game from internet as an .ISO (Image file). Go for warez or torrent sites as these are best place with large lists of games. Always take a look at comments to check if the game is working good.
Other way of adding a game is if you already have PS4 game disc. You put it inside your PC disc case and run it from there.
I won’t go deeply into options and game settings as this varies from user to user. You can set graphics quality by your choice, sounds, effects and other options. These were mandatory I’ve explained now.


If you’d like to play PlayStation 4 games on your computer then this is must have software to go for. It will do it’s role completely as it promises at any PC of some normal system specifications nowadays. Between its competitors, I’ve found this is most trusted and working PS4 emulator to go for.