DarkComet – The Best Remote Administration Tool

DarkCometThere are many remote administration tools available in the market. Using such apps without any legitimate reviews may cause a problem for you because most of these programs and tools are fake and when you install them on your system you install a Trojan or malware. Thus, giving full access to your computer to the developer of the tool.

Having said that there is one software which we have personally tested and played with. Yes, it is the famous remote administration tool – DarkComet. We have seen many people looking for these kind of programs. Therefore, we decided to test out few tools and then come up with a detailed review. During our testing phase, we played with three tools and finally decided that only DarkComet is a real and working program of this kind.

What can you do with this RAT?

It is a remote administration tool which you can use to send RAT file to your victim’s system. As soon as the victim open your file, it will automatically install a Trojan on the system thus giving you full access to their computer.

Now when you have the full access to their computer, you can do anything as if you are sitting in front of victim’s computer and using it. You can download, upload any file on the system. You can control victim’s webcam and can even have a view through their camera. In fact, you can get access to all the private data and information stored on the system. You can even retrieve the passwords and do a lot of different things.

How to use DarkComet?

To use this tool, you have to download and install it on your system. If you have some anti-virus program installed on your computer, then it may detect it as a virus. Therefore, it is recommended to turn off the anti-virus program before installing it.

You also need to do port forwarding and if you are not familiar with it then you can google it. You will find a lot of helpful material on the Internet.

Once you are done port forwarding then you are all good to use this tool. However, it is highly recommended to use this tool for the right and constructive purpose.


It is true that DarkComet is the only legitimate and working remote administration tool. It may not be the easiest tool to use but the functionalities it offers are endless!