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Windows Machine learning software

Windows AI learning softwareThere are several software and programs supports for windows 10 and it makes much easier to use. The latest windows software is windows ML and it is known as windows machine learning, it is mainly programmed with C, C++ and Java script in order to preview the machine learning models and (more…)

DarkComet – The Best Remote Administration Tool

DarkCometThere are many remote administration tools available in the market. Using such apps without any legitimate reviews may cause a problem for you because most of these programs and tools are fake and when you install them on your system you install a Trojan or malware. Thus, giving full access to your computer to the developer of the tool.

Having said that there is one software which we have personally tested and played with. Yes, it is the famous remote administration tool – DarkComet. We have seen many people looking for these kind of programs. Therefore, we decided to test out few tools and then come up with a detailed review. During our testing phase, we played with three tools and finally decided that only DarkComet is a real and working program of this kind.

What can you do with this RAT?


Snapchat Hack – Spy App is Ready!

Snapchat Hack AppThe Snapchat social network helps with the process of sharing things such as texts, pictures, drawings and record videos. Such apps are great for keeping the socializing scene active. However, there may be moments when you wish to spy on another person’s Snapchat account which is where the tool we’re going to discuss today comes in handy. This is especially the case if you are a parent of teenage children and you wish to know what they are up to. The beauty of Snapchat app is that the message or picture can only be viewed within a 1-10second time frame thereafter it ‘disappears’ from the recipient’s device in addition to the network servers. Much as this may be a good thing for those who don’t wish to have any record of their message or picture, it may be of some concern for the parents for example who can monitor what their children are up to.

The Snapchat hacking app, which can be downloaded from its official Instagram page, is able to crack into a user account and lets you gain access to the messages or screenshots that have been shared minus notifying the party that is being spied upon.
In order for this software to work however, you don’t need (more…)

PS4 Emus (emulator) – About

Since Sony released its latest PlayStation 4 console few years back, people with not that deep pockets started to search for working emulator trough the web. One that we’re going to review today is called PS4Emus.

PS4 Emulator After testing several different programs which promised they’re able to run PS4 games successfully on PC I decided this one is a G2G and I’ll explain deeply why if you keep reading below.

First of all what everyone notice first is a overall design of application and how it appeals user at first look. I have to admit that PS4 Emus has magnificent GUI design with interesting options added inside its upper bar. Graphics looks great from what I could examine at its screenshots page so I thought “Hey, lets investigate and test this one”.
However it’s not design what promises us to run games successfully isn’t it? The software must function properly like it claims it does.

PS4Emus has its own webpage where I downloaded this PS4 emulation software. It’s easily available to get for (more…)

Virtual Machine is your way to stay safe

Virtual-MachineIn case you wish to run windows on a Mac or Linux on Windows 8 then virtual desktop software is what you should be looking for. Much as technically, different platforms are meat to run on different operating systems, quite a number of developers and power users wish to push out of the comfort zone and utilize the different applications that are meant for other operating systems on a single machine. In essence, they wish to utilize different operating systems on a single machine. With virtual software, you are able to utilize a virtual instance of the operating system for example or any other technology resource such as storage or memory among others as opposed to deploying the actual physical resource.

There are a number of virtual machine software’s out there, some of which include: (more…)