The basic setting for the human mind has enough self-awareness to shape our natural curiosity into questions. These questions drive our ability to learn and collect data to handle knowledge as we do with currency. Everything we learn has a cost, and our need to learn comes from the natural ability we have to wonder and ask about the origins of everything. Such a complex principle also applies to our use of technology and the means we can use to solve any problem we have with it. At Go9WithJDE we consider technology a tool to make our lives easier, but we focus the drive of our interest as well as our curiosity in finding ways to solve the problems that technology may have while working for us.

New utilities come out every single day. Both app stores get requests from new developers to file their products and offer them through their store to solve the problems we might have with the technology we buy. Even on a good day, it’s hard to find an app that keeps up with the times and the ongoing needs that have to be addressed to make our enjoyment of internet time more comfortable and versatile. At Go9WithJDE we study those apps, especially those that sound too good to be true. We offer honest and reliable reviews regarding the usability of any given software, as well as the latest news in tech developments. Our goal is to make our readers and knowledgeable as we are, so make sure to remember our site and get ready for our info at your convenience!